In the following steps we will explain how to install PhpMyAdmin on you Homestead.

Asuming that you have a Code directory on your vagrant box, as the default homestead configuration, we will install phpmyadmin on that directory.

  1. Go to your homestead directory, for example:
  2. Enter via ssh to you vagrant box
  3. Once you are connected via ssh, go to your Code directory, or your projects directory
  4. Download and install PhpMyAdmin
  5. Exit from your vagrant box
  6. Once you are out of the vagrant box, open your Vagrantfile on the Homestead directory and copy the IP address associated to the vagrant box, for example Then add a new registry on your hosts file
  7. Open your Homestead.yml file and add a new site pointing to the phpmyadmin directory
  8. Reload your homestead


And that’s it. You have phpmyadmin installed on your Homestead.

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