Install Apache2 + PHP 5.5 + Mysql on Ubuntu

There are some people who doesn’t like working with vagrant, so here I will explain step by step how to mount an apache server to run a Magento 1 project.

Then whenever you need to create a new project, you can create an individual Virtual Host for each one. For this you need to follow this steps:

  1. Activate the mod_rewrite and mod_headers modules with:
  2. Create a new host file
  3. Put the following content with the correct parameters according to you project
  4. Save the file and then copy it to sites-enabled directory
  5. Create a host entry in your hosts file
  6. If this is a local development server, you can edit the default user/group for apache2 to prevent 403 errors
  7. Change the following lines:

  8. Restart apache server
  9. And then create a php file to test your project
  10. Test it on and it should be working!


Htaccess support:

If you want to enable the htaccess support for the whole server, you have to follow these steps:


NOTE: If you forgot to select “apache” in the phpmyadmin installation, you have to follow these steps:


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