In this tutorial I will show you how to boot Hackintosh with no need to use an USB stick.

Assuming you used Clover Configuraton to set up everything you need to perform the Hackinstock installation, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Insert your bootable USB stick
  2. Open Clover Configurator
    Clover Configurator Main Screen
  3. Click on “Mount EFI” option on the sidebar. If you have only your Main Hard Drive and your USB stick, you will see something like the image below
  4. Proceed by clicking on “Mount Partition” on your USB drive, in our case, the second option. Then open the button “Open Partition”.
  5. Navigate to EFI > Clover > And right click on config.plist to open with Clover Configurator
    EFI USB Volume
  6. Once you opened your USB’s config.plist file, click on BOOT option on Clover Configurator sidebar
  7. Now go you your finder and click on Go > Computer
    Finder Go to Computer
  8. Right click on your Main Hard Drive > Get Info, and copy its Name
  9. Now Go back to Clover Configurator on the BOOT section, and paste the Volume’s name on “Default Boot Volume”, and change the timeout option to 0
    Clover Default Boot Volume
  10. Close Clover Configurator and Save the file.
  11. Copy the whole USB’s EFI directory to your Desktop, or wherever you want
  12. Unmount the USB volume and remove the USB stick

If we restart the computer now, you will continue booting with your USB stick, but this is the most important step of all in order to start booting from your hard drive

  1. Open Clover Configurator > Mount EFI and select your MAIN HARD DRIVE and click on Mount Partition
  2. Click on “Open Partition” button
  3. Backup the whole EFI directory by zipping it, renaming it, or whatever you want
  4. Copy from the USB’s EFI directory you already cloned to your Desktop (or wherever) to your MAIN HARD DRIVE volume.
  5. Unmount the EFI partition
  6. Restart your computer

Now you should be able to boot from your Hard Drive with no need of an USB stick.

NOTE: If your computer does not boot from your Hard Drive, check your BIOS configuration and change the bootable options.

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