Emergency Support

Our Emergency Policy

This is some of the scenarios that we consider emergencies

  • Your online store has an error that prevents customers from being able to make purchases
  • Customers/Users cannot login to their accounts or any important action cannot be performed because of an error on the site
  • Your website is down or any relevant page is throwing an error message visible to the customers.
  • Customers are not getting charged properly based on their purchases or any shipping, catalog or any rules aren’t being calculated well

This are some examples of possibles emergencies.

Our team will ask initially for any necessary access to get involved with the code and will keep you updated every 10-20 minutes, depending on what the issue is.

A detailed report will be generated after the fixing, so the customer can be aware exactly about what was happening and which changes has been applied.

Besides, some recommendations will be offered to the client with no extra charge to prevent those kind of issues or how to improve the processes, if applies.

Do you have an emergency?

Based on the above, if you believe that the problem you are currently experiencing may be an emergency, please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly. Please do not forget to enter the proper credentials and accesses to your site, so we can review as soon as possible.